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The Conjugated Linoleic Acid for Weight Loss - Is it Worth a try?

Doing sports is a beautiful thing considering the whole range of health benefits one can get out of this. After a work out routine you feel better, you feel stronger and more confident, you feel like you could actually rule the world. Also, your brain releases so many benefits substances which can improve your whole mood and health state.

Any sporting activity, however, needs some support from your part, as all the efforts you make just to lose that weight and tone that body sometimes, are simply not enough. Latest researches have revealed how the conjugated linoleic acid, known as CLA, brings a whole range of multiple health benefits for those who frequently do sports.

This acid is a poly unsaturated fat which has been proven to have a great positive impact on reducing fat and increasing the muscular power. CLA is part of the Omega 6 essential fatty acid’s family. This type of acids is known to be involved in various inflammatory processes involved within the human body. However, after the linoleic acid is conjugated, its original formula changes and so it does not function anymore like an Omega 6 fatty acid. This is how the benefits come into the scenario.

What are the main effects of CLA?

The conjugated linoleic acid, when it is taken from trust worthy sources, like the safflower oil, can bring along numerous benefits for your entire functioning system. It is safe to say that this type of acid will represent the best ally for anybody who wishes to lose extra weight and for those sports fans.

Among the most significant benefits of the conjugated linoleic acid, it is worth mentioning a few of them. CLA boost the body’s metabolic rhythm. This is important to bear in mind because a fast working metabolism can help you burn more calories and avoid your body’s tissues to get “ruled” by unwanted and unhealthy fats.

Taking your CLA from the safflower oil, like a natural and safe source, you will provide for your body that one particular substance, the linoleic acid that is, which will greatly work on your immune system’s functioning activity by improving it. This is how you will get to win the fight against germs, bacteria and other such enemies aiming to threat your health.

Also, choosing this source of CLA, you will accurately give a hand to your body in maintaining a cleaned and balanced functioning liver. This is important because this organ plays a significant role in checking everything going into your body. It has been proven that the conjugated linoleic acid maintains a healthy rate of cholesterol and triglycerides.

How does CLA work in the weight loss process?

As it was mentioned in the previous lines, by boosting the metabolic processes going on within your body, your tissues will no longer get unwanted guests, like those unhealthy fats everybody wanting to get rid of.

In theory, the conjugated linoleic acid inhibits the processes through which fats get to deposit in the body. As a result, fat gets to stay much longer in your system’s circulation, and so your muscles will have the option to use it as an energy source.

Several studies were carried out on people doing sports because researchers wanted to figure out what are the actual effects of this acid. They revealed that by administering this acid to their system, they were able to lose significant parts of their adipose tissues, by getting to keep their muscle mass and strength.

Other studies focused on comparing two groups of sportsmen: one who was administered some 5 g of CLA each day and another one, that did not receive anything. All individuals followed the same diet and the same work out routine so that the effects of CLA can be observed more accurately. During a whole year, those from the CLA users’ group, were able to lose circa 9% of their body fat and they also gained 2% more muscular mass, in comparison with the other group.

How much is CLA enough to see results?

The conjugated linoleic acid is indeed a remarkable help in the fight against extra body fat, and everybody deserves the chance to give it a try. Up until this moment, researchers were not able to say whether this substance is suitable for every human being living and breathing on this planet. However, all the studies carried out with the great results revealed, are a solid proof of what this substance can do for the human body.

However, it is not fair to state that there is a standard dosage recommended for people when they decide to use CLA in their weight loss diets. Each human system functions differently, and so the dosages differ from individual to individual.

Always ask for a specialist’s advice before you start taking it because this is how you will get the best recommendations. Some nutritionists have stated that a daily dosage should be around 3 grams, but, as I mentioned earlier, you need to adapt this amount by your health state and the way your body functions.

There are also natural sources of your CLA intake, which should not bring along any side effects. I am referring to red meat, Lamb meat, and dairy products. However, you would have to eat a lot of these just to get circa 1 gram of CLA, each day. Because you wish to lose weight, I do not see how this CLA source would do you any good.

Choose the safflower oil, which is quite in the trend right now. It is healthy and safe for your system, as it does not bring along any side effects. However, use it wisely and never exaggerate with it! You deserve the best!


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