Thursday, 29 December 2011

Construction begins

Construction on our main location has begun...

A Christmas break

After a well deserved break for Christmas the production team are now back in action and Production has begin to ramp up for our shoot in 3 weeks!

We've had some new additions to our team over the past few days. Dave Komaroni has joined the team as a Producer and Steve Dent (Warhorse, Cold Mountain) has come onboard as our Stunt Co-ordinator.

We're also welcoming Brian Markey, a young actor from Belfast, to our cast.

And last but not least the legendary Oscar and Bafta winning Special Effects Supervisor Neil Corbould (Gravity, Warhorse, Gladiator) has joined our team as both a Producer and as our SFX supervisor.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A little piece of one of our sets

Dramatis Personae

Some of the confirmed cast for "Coward" include:

Martin McCann ("Pacific", "Clash of the Titans")
Sean Stewart ("Trapped", "Dorothy Mills")
Cillian Roche ("Seachtar Na Casca", "The Fading Light")
Charlie Clements ("Eastenders", "The Bill")
Joe Van Moyland ("Jane Eyre", "The Tudors")
Mark O' Halloran ("Adam and Paul", "Swansong")

Meet the Team

The "Coward" production team include:

Producer: Oliver Ager (Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures)
Screenplay: Terry Donnelly and Steve Handley (The Bill, Holby City)
Director of Photography: Stephen Murphy (Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room, The Formorian)
Production Designer: Ty Senior (Die Another Day, Mamma Mia!, Children of Men)
Composer: Frank Ilfman (Locked In, Jericho, The Ferryman)
Editor: Derek Holland (Brixton bob, Fade Street, Dead Load)
Art Director: Emily Durtnall (The Station Master, Junk)

Stephen Murphy, Derek Holland and Frank Ilfman all collaborated with Dave Roddham on "Fifth Street".

Throughout the production Director of Photography Stephen Murphy will keep a blog on some of the more technical aspects of the productions Cinematography -

Meet the Director

"Coward" Director and Co-Producer David Roddham has been working in the Film Industry or over 15 years. Having been trained as an SFX technician he has a range of credits on some of the biggest films of the past 15 years including "Saving Private Ryan, "Black Hawk Down" and "Robin Hood".
David's directorial debut "Fifth Street" became something of an internet sensation when it was released online and it went on to win multiple awards at festivals around the world, including an award for Best Action Sequence.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting ahead

A quick glimpse at what our Animatronics Supervisor, Chris Clarke ("Warhorse"), has been working on for us.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Big Screen

"Coward" is a 22 minute short film thats always been written and conceived as a Big Screen experience.
Thanks to the generosity of both Panavision, Panalux and Fuji we're fortunate to be shooting this project on 35mm Film in the Anamorphic format using the same lenses that once photographed some of cinemas greatest Epics.

The Front Line

It may just look like an ordinary field now but over the next 5 weeks this field will be turned into the front lines at Ypres, complete with 100ft of Trench, a working train track, and the remains of a farmhouse.

"Coward" begins pre-production!

After many months of script development, "Coward" is officialy in early pre-production, with a seven day shoot scheduled for January 2012.

Over the course of the production this blog will be updated regularly with exclusive Behind the scenes images and videos and contributions from several of our key crew members so please check back regularly or add us to your RSS feed.